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606-327-2727 ext. 4302

Welcome to Dream Team ELA. My name is Kyrie Litteral and I am thrilled to be your child's navigator through the exciting world of English and Language Arts for this school year!  I have included my email address, which is probably the quickest way to reach me, as I check it periodically throughout the day.  If you need to reach me by phone, my planning period is 12:48-1:38. I have found the best way to make sure your student succeeds is by maintaining communication throughout the year. If you ever have questions or concerns regarding your child in my class, please feel free to contact me!

I am an avid reader and hope to instill that same desire to read in your child. There are adventures to experience, great historical figures to meet, and mysteries to solve...all when you open a book! Reading will be a massive portion of our learning this year, whether it be independent reading or guided reading through pre-selected novels, your child should have a book when he or she leaves school each day.  In class we will cover grammar, writing, and vocabulary as well.

Your child is required to read AR books throughout the year and will have a quiz grade for them along with a project. If you are unsure whether a book is or isn't AR- you can visit the website: and verify its status. The books must be a minimum of 100 pages and be at the child's reading level.


The face you make when mom says it's time to go to bed but you just want to read one more chapter of your awesome AR book!


More ways to contact the team:

Dream Team Student Remind (only students added to this account for space purposes)- Text @amsdream to 81010

Dream Team Parent/ Guardian Remind (stay up to date with any team announcements we send out)- Text @amsdreampg to 81010

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