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Mature Shelf

Young Adult novels or teen fiction has been defined as fiction published for young readers between the ages of 12 to 18.  In an effort to keep parents informed, I have tried several different things to identify books that are labeled Mature in the AMS library; however, all of them have been unsuccessful.  I am posting a photo of our mature shelf that shows the titles.  If you would like additional information about these titles, you may enlarge the picture, read the titles, and then check out summaries and reviews at   or  Reviews by the publishers usually give a recommended grade level.  Some titles include:  Thirteen Reasons Why; Looking for Alaska; Memory of Light; Desert Dark; etc. 

Checking out from the Mature shelf is entirely voluntary with the permission of parents or guardians.  You can find many award winning authors and highly acclaimed novels in that area. Sixth graders do not have the option to check out from the Mature selection.  Mature permission forms may be picked up at the circulation desk. 


Young Adult Novels