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Alternate Bus Plan for Snow Days

In an attempt to be in school when some of our back streets and hills are still not safe for bus traffic, we have developed a "Bus Route A" Plan.  We ask that parents follow this when they may not be able to get their students to school themselves on a day when conditions are questionable.  As always, all decisions will be based upon the safety of students whether they are riding our buses, standing on corners, riding with parents, or that one area that we sometimes overlook, those Blazer students that drive to school.  We will always error on the safety side for our students.
When school is in session and running on "Bus Route A" buses will run only on the  main roads listed below.  Students are to come to these roads at the appropriate time.  Elementary will start runs at 7:00 a.m. and Middle School will start at 7:30 a.m. This list represents the "main" roads that the City normally gets attention to early with salt and gravel. 

29th St.
Winchester Ave.
Greenup Ave.
Lexington Ave. 
Beech St.
13th St.
Roberts Dr.
Oakview Rd.
Carter from 13th to 29th St.
Grandview and Sherwood
Oakview Rd.
6th St.
Central from 6th St to 29th St.
6th St to Blackburn Ave.
23 to city limits
39th St.