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Attendance Policy

As the Director of Pupil Personnel one of my main responsibilities is to assure that each and every student enrolled in the Ashland Independent School District attends school on a regular basis with no unexcused absences or tardies.  Good attendance and punctuality are life-long habits that benefit us throughout our entire lives.  After our students leave the public schools and either continue with their education or enter the work force, attendance and punctuality are not only good habits but also are essential for success.  That’s why it is important to establish those life skills as early as possible.


The Ashland Independent School District Board of Education has a written attendance policy (09.123) that all parents should be aware of. 


Absences and Excuses           

Pupils are required to attend regularly and punctually the school in which they are enrolled.

Truancy Defined

Any student who has attained the age of six (6), but has not reached his/her eighteenth (18th) birthday, who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) days or more, or tardy without valid excuse on three (3) days or more, is a truant.


Any student enrolled in a public school who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years, but has not reached his/her twenty-first (21st) birthday, who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) or more days, or tardy without valid excuse on three (3) or more days, is a truant.


Any student who has been reported as a truant two (2) or more times is an habitual truant.


A student who is absent for sixty (60) minutes or less, of the regularly scheduled school day, is a tardy.


Students who are habitual truants will, along with their parent(s), be subject to court action.


For the purposes of establishing a student’s status as a truant, a student’s attendance record is cumulative for an entire school year.  When students transfer from one Kentucky district to another, attendance information from the previous district shall become part of their official attendance record for that school year.



An excused absence or tardiness is one for which work may be made up, such as:

1.     Death or severe illness in the pupil’s immediate family;

No more than three (3) days shall be excused due to the death of a family member

2.     Illness of the pupil,

3.     Religious holidays and practices,

4.     One (1) day for attendance at the Kentucky State Fair,

5.     Documented military leave,

6.     One (1) day prior to departure of parent/guardian called to active military duty,

7.     One (1) day upon the return of parent/guardian from active military duty, or

8.     Other valid reasons as determined by the Principal


A student shall have up to five (5) school days upon returning to school to present a valid absence excuse.


A maximum of five (5) absences per school year may be excused by a note from the student’s parent.


Absences exceeding five (5) days per school year may be excused by a physician’s statement.



Student’s absent beyond the five (5) day limit without providing a physician’s verification shall be required to apply for emergency absence extension from the Principal or Principal’s designee.



Students shall be granted two (2) days for each excused absence during which to make up assignments.



Students shall be granted an excused absence for up to ten (10) school days to pursue an educational enhancement opportunity determined by the Principal to be of significant educational value.  This opportunity may include, but not be limited to, participation in an educational forging exchange program or an intensive instructional, experiential, or performance program in one (1) of the core curriculum subjects of English, science, mathematics, social studies, foreign language, and the arts.


Unless the Principal determines that extenuating circumstances exist, requests for date(s) falling within State or District testing periods shall not be granted.


The Principal’s determination may be appealed to the Superintendent/designee whose decision may then be appealed to the Board under its grievance policy and procedures.


Students receiving an excused absence under KRS 159.035 shall have the opportunity to make up school work missed and shall not have their class grades adversely affected for lack of class attendance or class participation due to the excused absence.



Absences beyond five (5) absences per school year without a physician’s statement, which are not excused by an emergency absence extension shall be unexcused.


Students who have unexcused absences shall be permitted to make up missed class requirements during supervised after-school study programs or by a method deemed appropriate by the school.


Students who are absent as a result of their first out-of-school suspension shall be permitted to make up missed class requirements.


No make-up work shall be permitted for unexcused absences due to additional out-of-school suspensions.


Any twelfth (12th) grade student who has accumulated nine (9) or more full-day unexcused absences from school will not be allowed to participate in Blazer High School’s graduation ceremony.