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Kentucky's Framework for Teaching

The Framework for Teaching organizes the multiple measures that comprise Kentucky's Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System.  This framework is designed to support student achievement and professional best-practice through the domains of Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, Professional Responsibilities, and Student Growth.  The Framework also includes many themes that run throughout the document.  These themes include ideas such as equity, cultural competence, high expectations, developmental appropriateness, accommodating individual needs, effective technology integration, and student assumption of responsibility.  The Kentucky Teaching Standards, Kentucky Department of Education's Characteristics of Highly Effecting Teaching and Learning, along with research from many of the top educator appraisal specialists and researchers are the foundation for this system.  The Framework for Teaching provides structure and feedback for continuous improvement through individual goals that target student and professional growth, thus supporting overall school improvement. 

Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching (adopted for Kentucky Department of Education)