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Contact: Gloria Metz
Contact: Michele Johnson

Bath-The Bath Community Early Childhood Council will provide opportunities for child care providers and families to access resources, trainings and materials that will increase school readiness skills and awareness. Opportunities will include a six hour training for child care providers on school readiness, parents education classes for teen parents, school readiness workshops for parents and incoming kindergarten students, mini-grants for day care centers to improve school readiness activities in their center and materials and resources for kindergarten readiness programs.
 Bell/Harlan CECC
Contact: Tammy Bryant
Bell/Harlan- In an effort to promote better outcomes for young children and families in our communities, the Bell/Harlan Community Early Childhood Council will address the importance of school readiness through its continued efforts to increase Council membership, foster family involvement in early care and education, provide data driven professional development opportunities across early childhood settings, and improve the quality of early childhood learning environments.


Fleming CECC
Contact: Michelle Alexander

Fleming-The Fleming County Early Childhood Council (FCECC) strives to provide quality care and educational opportunities for families and children. It’s important that each child enter school ready to engage in early learning experiences to promote success. FCECC provides opportunities for parents to become actively involved in their child’s early learning to promote an overall health and educational development. Providers are also given opportunities to participate in early learning experiences for children I their care. Endeavors include literacy projects for children and parents; school readiness activities for children and their parent, and mini grant and training opportunities for STARS rated providers.
Floyd CECC
Contact: Jonathan Campbell
Floyd- Based upon the success and strengths of the previous year projects the council will expand upon the 3R’s of Kentucky’s school readiness definition (Ready to Grow/Ready to Learn/Ready to Succeed) and proposes to continue an awareness campaign through implementing two focus events and an Early Childhood Fair in some of the isolated communities of our rural county along with media campaign to engage businesses and families not reached by current programs. A 3R Project Leader will be helping to coordinate planning for the events, maintain our website presence, and assist in the material preparation for the project.
Gateway CECC
Contact: Martina Roe
Gateway- Gateway Community Early Childhood Council embraces the Governor’s efforts in supporting school readiness. Our primary goal is to increase opportunities for families, schools, and community partners. Our mission is to ensure supports are available that promotes high quality learning environments by conducting screenings and providing results to local educational programs for planning and programming purposes. We plan to inform, train, and engage families on the importance of brain development, school readiness, and quality care. We will also establish community partnerships to build upon the foundation for early learning experiences which will all result in positive outcomes for children.
Johnson CECC
Contact: Janet Bucher
Our goal is to continue to work toward our implemented strategies of enhancing school readiness and early literacy skills, increasing physical activity and improving the nutritional status of our young children. We will achieve these goals by offering community activities to educate our children, parents and childcare staff on issues that will enrich child development, ensure school success and educate on strategies to combat the growing epidemic of obesity in our community.
Lawrence CECC
Contact: Tammy Lamaster
Lawrence County CECC will implement strategic activities that exemplify the significance of school readiness and quality childcare as defined by KDE. The council plans to do this by developing and implementing a cooperative plan of action. The council will implement and plan targeted professional development opportunities, public awareness campaigns, holistic family education, as well as events to connect families to resources and community partnerships. The council plans to acquire, utilize and share data to ensure effectiveness and fidelity of activities.
Lewis CECC
Contact: Lisette Clark
In order to increase the quality of early childhood programming and the understanding of School Readiness as defined by KDE, the Lewis County CECC will implement a plan that includes joint public awareness and professional development opportunities, and comprehensive data collection and reporting. Our focus will be teen mothers and children in our county.
 Martin CECC
Contact: Patricia Elliott
Utilizing State School Readiness goals, the MCCECC will promote early childhood literacy through a community “Unite to Read” event. To engage families and promote family health and well being, a county wide “Early Childhood School Readiness and Health Fair” will be held. Parents of newborns will receive “New Arrival Kits” upon leaving local hospitals that will support and nurture growing families. Professional Development targeting the understanding and utilization of child screening data will be scheduled and the Council will develop and distribute a Martin County “Early Childhood Resource Guide” enhancing parent access to services.
Mason CECC
Contact: Kathleen Mellenkamp
Funds will be utilized to increase literacy/learning for child care providers: reading fest; mini-grants to providers; and, literacy training. Our focus will be providing teachers and parents’ opportunities to increase their knowledge on how to develop skill in print awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and oral language.
Northeastern Alliance CECC
Contact: Rose-Linda Stafford
The Northeastern Alliance CECC is requesting grant funds to provide seamless transition to Kindergarten by providing education of school readiness standards and parent support. In addition to collaboratively providing child abuse prevention and awareness activities, community baby showers, and training for Early Care and Education Professional with our community partners. The Alliance will host a Brigance Pilot Project to support instruction and ensure children are school ready. The Alliance will also continue its focus on supporting newly rated STARS child care centers as well as those who have consistently maintained their rating thus ensuring quality care is available for all children.
Perry/Leslie/Knott/Letcher CECC
Contact: Nancy Combs
The newly combined LKLP CECC will accomplish the goal of creating and supporting a more integrated, higher-quality early childhood system of services by providing contracted staff to support and champion the work of the council. In addition, CECC funds will be utilized to leverage additional community resources to provide strategic mini-grants in the community and a new regional conference that will improve quality, coordination of efforts and awareness in all community stakeholders. The LKLP CECC will work collaboratively to integrate a robust communication plan to inform parents and the community at large about the essential components of school readiness and the resources available to ensure every child enters school ready to succeed and flourish.
Contact: Jennifer Robinson
Council will purchase Brigance Kindergarten screening tool for STARS and non STARS centers and Head Start, distribute School Readiness information to Child Care Centers and via community events, use mini grants to improve ERS rating scores, to send 2 Council members to the Annual CECC Institute, collaborate with community partners to produce biannual council newsletter, purchase curricula for community homeless shelter and pregnancy care center to be used with children and families focusing on child development, school readiness and positive parenting. Proposed activities will lead to greater school readiness awareness reaching approximately 5,000 families.


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