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Photo Gallery (Check out what's cooking!)

Our cafeterias have been stepping up their game to make your child's cafeteria more delicous, nutritious, and FUN! Check it out for yourself below! 


girl Hawaii


Poage Hawaii line

Our line at Poage got a Hawiian makeover for the day.

Students got the oppertunity to try tropical fruits with their lunch. 





one fish two fish

Head Start is celebrating Dr. Seuess and School Breakfast Week! 
One fish two fish cookies. 

eggs head start 

Our Head Start students bravely tried (and LOVED) hard boiled eggs.

 lorax orange

"Lorax" oranges for Head Start snack! 

Chunky Monkey Bar

We kicked off a new parfait bar at Blazer. This allows students to self

service parfait building. This one is called a "Chunky Monkey." 

Coffee Bar

The iced coffee bar is a HIT at Blazer. Rolling out new recipes and 

meals is all part of how the high school is celebrating. 

crowd blazer

A line for iced coffee at Blazer. Excited students chat while waiting.

emoji decorations at crs egg cups