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NTI Plan

Ashland Independent School District is an approved NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) school district (10 NTI days).  NTI days are used at the discretion of the superintendent.  The information below explains how the Ashland Independent School District will implement NTI days.

KDE NTI Guidance

  • Principals have to share with Cary and Christine the percentage of staff participation for each NTI day.  Clock-in/clock-out procedures with links will be shared with principals and posted on district website.
  • Teachers have to share with their principals the percentage of student participation for each NTI day.  Participation is turning in/completing the assignment.
  • Principals have to share with Cary and Christine the percentage of student participation for each NTI day.
  • Teachers will use a combination of posting lessons in Google Classroom, Class Dojo, Remind, or other platform students can access and/or learning packets. 
  • Packets should be available for students who do not have a device or Internet at home.
  • Students are encouraged to use their own devices; the schools will not be handing out devices to every student.
  • NTI instruction should be a continuation of learning; not a packet of busy work.
  • Three student work samples per teacher (all teachers) must be turned in to the building principal no later than 5 school days after the NTI day.  These student samples must have any identifying student information redacted, including student names.  Examples:  English teacher at the middle school will give the principal 3 total student work samples for an NTI day; not 3 work samples per class.  Second grade teacher will give the principal 3 total student work samples from any content area.
  • Principal needs to make an NTI file or a Google doc for teachers to send samples to.
  • Any student who is unable to complete NTI assignments must be afforded adequate time to make up assignments.
  • Case managers of students with IEPs must make sure their students have access to the resources outlined in their IEP.
  • A continuation of learning for ELL and gifted and talented students will occur. Gifted and talented teachers will work to provide enrichment opportunities remotely for their students.
  • All instructional staff should be available during normal workday hours to help students (posting information in online platforms, calling students, having online meetings with students, etc…).
  • If the NTI day is used for inclement weather, teachers may perform their NTI job duties at home.
  • All non-instructional staff will be given directives from their immediate supervisor (administrative staff, counselors, cafeteria, maintenance, bus garage, instructional assistants, secretaries, etc…).
  • If a staff member is unable to work on an NTI day, leave time must be used according to district policies.


  • NTI may only be used for weather and health/safety situations.
  • No food service on NTI days.
  • KDE does NTI audits each year. It’s important to hold onto NTI evidence (lesson plans and student work samples for two years).
  • NTI days may be suspension days for students.  Home hospital may be delivered on NTI days.
  • NTI days will not look the same as they did during Covid NTI days.  Teachers are not expected to deliver live instruction during the NTI day.